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Social Security benefits are calculated based on your 35 highest earning years in the workforce.

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Our agency touches the life of nearly every American, no matter where they are on their journey.There are lots of strategies like this to maximize Social Security.If you were the breadwinner of the family and are now disabled, it may surprise you to.FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Once upon a time thieves stole Social Security checks from mailboxes.

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OKLAHOMA - A loophole which has allowed many Oklahomans to get extra money from Social Security is about to close.So if your spouse earned a lot more than you did, and has a higher benefit as a result, compare and see which will pay the most.The second group of clients who still may benefit from some Social Security claiming strategies are those who are 62 or...Last week I told you a story about how my Mom and Dad used a government loophole to earn an extra couple of thousand dollars a year in social security benefits.Spousal benefits are a crucial Social Security option for millions of couples.

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Social Security spousal benefits: 5 shocking facts you should know.

When she turns 70, she could drop the spousal benefit and file for benefits based on her own work record.

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The budget recently signed by President Barack Obama made changes in Social Security that may require new strategies to maximize retirement benefits.

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Maximize My Social Security provides expert analysis, suggesting which benefits to claim and when in order to maximize your lifetime benefits.Beware of outside income If you start taking benefits before reaching your full retirement age, employment elsewhere can reduce your Social Security checks.

You May Have Just Lost A Way To Max Social Security Benefits The budget deal also trimmed the 52 percent Medicare premium hike.

Learn about some of the most common Social Security scams that occur by phone, email and direct mail, and how to recognize and report Social Security fraud.For example, say you started taking Social Security in 2012 at age 62 and your full retirement age is 66.Once you get estimates for both you and, if applicable, your spouse, there are other online tools that compare your benefits under various scenarios to help you determine the best claiming strategy.

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Dear Reader, There is one word — just one word — you need to.

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If you work as an employee in the United States, you must pay social security and Medicare taxes in.

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After you reach full retirement age, you get your full benefit no matter how much you earn. 9. Claim twice A dual-income retired couple may be able to claim spousal benefits, then later switch to payments based on their own work record.

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Check out this video from Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson, then read on for more.

This article from Kiplinger is a good example. 10. Benefits for your kids When you start collecting Social Security benefits, unmarried dependent children under age 18 may qualify to receive benefits worth up to half of your full retirement benefit amount.If your optimal Social Security lifetime benefit maximization strategy requires you to file for retirement benefits and immediately suspend them, make sure you do so.

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Note: Social Security cannot add these extra earnings to your record until you file for Social Security benefits.

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In the event that the spouse with the higher benefit passes away, the surviving spouse will receive the higher payment.As you approach retirement age, be sure and do lots of reading.

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If you are going to file for your Social Security retirement benefit early, and you play your cards right, Larry Kotlikoff has a new trick for you to maximize your.

Advisers rethink retirement plans amid Social Security changes