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The balance in the account indicates either a profit (when it is a credit balance) called Net Profit or a loss (when it is a debit balance) called Net Loss.How to Prepare a Trading Account and Profit and. revenue summary account.

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This loss is also considered in ascertaining the overall profit or loss made by the organisation.Trading Account. A trading account...This loss is not on account of conducting the business in the normal course, but an abnormal one.

Trading accounting is an account prepared to ascertain the trading results of a business i.e.,. Trading Account: Meaning and Closing Entries.

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This is a partial listing of another sample chart of accounts.

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The true result is the net profit or the net loss which is determined through profit and loss account.Some examples of trading that would be permitted in a cash account include: A.For example, where the organisation has incurred a loss on account one of its vehicles getting damaged because of an accident, it has to absorb this loss as it is related to the organisation.

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Most investors open a trading account to buy or sell stocks,.Practice Accounts Try online investing risk free. Access most of the features of a regular Scotia iTRADE account, including trading tools,.