What is going on in our world today

And with all the FALSE info planted everywhere, it seems very unlikely that any normal person would even know the whole truth.One final comment, all of mankind is born with carnal human nature which is vanity, pride, lust, greed etc.As long as we try our very best to live our lives as is outlined in the Bible and serve God by loving our brothers and sisters and showing them the Way and the Light.

Christ came to reveal truth, we can know the truth and as we are told we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.Try organizing and editing it down better to a bullet list of questions.Our Savior has told us that HE HIMSELF is the Door through which we are to pass if we hope to attain to the promises of our Father.

It is known as a volcanic island mostly made up of rocks with few trees.If you think you with your physical limited intellect can figure all this out — you will end up as one of the 4000 flavors.

OK so now that all your free will arguments are now down the drain, What do.Your bible was constructed throughout the 6th to 10th centuries CE.Seems that is what got Lucifer in a big heap of trouble some time back.

He agreed with me that the Bible is full of lies and that only original scripture is what he goes by.But the GOOD NEWS is this: we have a mediator for us between us and God.Also not to mention the fact that he never would of created a douche like satan to begin with, considering he knew that.Coincidentally, it is the only book in the New Testament where the place of writing is named.Please comfort this young and deliver him from the demons that are physically and mentally tormenting him.The attorney seeks to find the few sentences that answers his question.

World in Prayer

It seems impossible to even ask a question and get the same answer.

The house tricks the sucker into thinking that he can win, when over time the odds are ALL on the house and the house will ALWAYS win.We are born to lust after the things which our Father has promised to give us.

And such a person will be able to stand in the presence of God on the Day of Judgment without being consumed in the burning fire.

Our World Today on Scratch

I am just a normal person who is trying to understand all the contradictions I hear from the bible.Critical scholarship suggests it was written in the fifth century AD.The God of judgment and wrath, (remember, please, that God never changes, and God certainly does not conform to us or our societal changes).

Religion was created as a counterfeit of the Instructions written for right-living found only in the pages of Scripture.The book of Revelation tells us that it was written while John was exiled on the island of Patmos.I read half way and realize this is the same reasoning the Devil uses.In Our World Today is a thing where you can get basic information needed.As usual lately per BIN, deceptive header and uninformative content.

God thus comes against us in judgment, but His judgment substitutes fierce mercy for the condemnation we merit.Many excuses can be made in defense of gambling, but they are only excuses.